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July 16, 2011 / foxyinnis

Final Results….finally

I’m sorry to have delayed the posting of how much we donated to Direct Relief International.  RL grabbed ahold and didn’t let go until now.


I”m glad to say we donated $1000 USD to Direct Relief International.  Since Second Life is such a diverse mixture of people the money went to their international relief efforts.



If there are any other questions about this years Expo, please email me at

Thank you all for your patience and we hope to see you next year.

May 21, 2011 / foxyinnis

Coming to an end.

Tonight is the end of the Skin and Shape Expo.  All together we have raised $278,222L for charity. With exchange rates and etc that is $1031 USD for charity.  It has been a great run this year and I can only thank the customers of the expo, the vendors and also the committee that helped put this expo on.  I look forward to doing it again.

Again, thank you for all your hard work and lindens spent.

Foxy Innis

May 12, 2011 / foxyinnis

A good start…

That’s right.  The time is here.  We’ve had the opening of the Skin and Shape Expo.  Things have been going great so far!  We’ve raised over $200,000L so far and we’re only two days into the expo.  Keep it up you guys!

April 15, 2011 / foxyinnis

Applications Closing TODAY!!!

Applications for the Skin and Shape Expo 2011 close today at 11:59PM SLT. Please have your application in by then.

April 14, 2011 / foxyinnis

Deadlines and Banners

Tomorrow is the deadline for applications to the Skin and Shape Expo for bloggers and also for vendors. If you are interested please see the applications page on this blog and fill out one! We encourage everyone to participate no matter how small or new you are.

Also, if you have a blog, we would like for you to post a little blurb about the expo. We have banners available on our website for you to use if you choose to.


April 9, 2011 / foxyinnis

Applications closing soon!

March 19, 2011 / foxyinnis

Official Schedule of Events for the 2011 Skin and Shape Expo

I know some of you have been waiting very patiently for this and I applaud you all.  Here is the official dates to remember for the Skin and Shape Expo.

  • April 15 – Vendor Applications close
  • April 22 – Blogger Application close
  • May 6 – Sim opens for building
  • May 9 – Blogger opening And Demo group opens to the public
  • May 10-20 – Official Run dates of the Expo

If you know anyone who is a content creator of shapes or skins, point them in this direction.  Tell them about this opprotunity!  Only a few weeks are left till the deadlines.