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February 28, 2011 / foxyinnis

What’s happening?

We’ve been busy getting vendors signed up for the upcoming expo.  The details that normally don’t get seen are getting nailed down and all the litle things are being taken care of.  Here are some of the vendors that are locked, stocked and ready to go.

  • PEER Style
  • !Imabee
  • [Pink Fuel]
  • [Slutcookie]
  • Idisyncrasy
  • Imagen
  • Tres Blah
  • Style by Kira (formerly Shapes by Kira)
  • LaVie
  • Snow Rabbit
  • Adam n Eve
  • Exodi
  • Magic Avi Shapes
  • ~Moonlight Shapes~
  • Curio
  • Heartsick
  • Maverick Design
  • Body by Eve
  • [NoT StAnDaRd]
  • TULI skins
  • Atomic
  • Ample Avi – Full Figure Shapes
  • *Leafy
  • vive9
  • Hourglass Shapes

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  1. Diane / May 8 2011 4:39 pm

    OMG….the thought of ALL these beautiful skins in one area is making me shake…../me starts digging in the bottom of my purse looking for money…..

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